Date: February 13, 2021

Time: 3:30 PM GMT (Lagos Time)

100% of donations go to award prize

All donations are welcomed!

You do NOT need to be a participant to donate or attend the event. 


Our overall goal for the Pitch Competition is to encourage all stages of Nigerian business concepts to participate. This competition is a great opportunity to pitch business concepts to a panel of judges and audiences with a chance to win financial funding for your business. The 1-hour pitch competition is structured around a quick one minute pitch with a one minute Q&A, essentially, the time it would take you to pitch your idea while you ride up an elevator. Presenting yourself effectively is an essential tool in the world of business. A well-planned pitch can open doors to success in your future endeavors. Ideas may be at any stage! This pitch event is not about the money, but rather about the network of African business, investors, mentors, and advisors that will develop.


  1. Fill in and submit the entry form below. Donation and entry names MUST match to confirm entry.

  2. You will be notified by email to confirm your entry. 

  3. Follow Amira Idris on Clubhouse (@aidris) and Twitter (@aidrisrad) before the pitch event.


  • This pitch competition was created to provide micro-grants to small businesses in Africa. Ideas may enter at any stage.

  • Potential investors are invited to contact Amira Idris on Twitter (@aidrisrad) to be a moderator/panelist for competitions.

  • All are welcome to donate any amount to support our cause.

  • The competition will be held on the Clubhouse app (we plan to move to other platforms in the near future).

  • The pitch event will be a 1-hour event with a maximum of 25 participants. Should there be more than 25 registered participants, the next 25 participants will be scheduled to pitch at the next pitch event. 

  • Past winners can only participate in the pitch once with the same idea or business. 

  • Participants who do not win can enter the competition multiple times.

  • Participants will pitch by entry registration order.


  • Participants must be on the Clubhouse platform to pitch or listen in (we plan to move to other platforms in the near future).

  • Participants will be called up on stage to speak by order, one at a time. The presentation order will be listed on Amira Idris's Twitter account (@aidrisrad).

  • All participants have a minute to pitch their idea or business. Participants will be cut off at the end of 1 minute.

  • There will be a 1-minute questions and answers period between the presenter and moderators.

  • Winners will be decided by voting from the audience. 

  • Voting will commence after the last presenter pitches. Link to vote will be provided on Amira Idris's Twitter account (@aidrisrad).


Pitch Entry Form


Can I enter the competition with just an idea?
Yes. Business ideas at any stage are welcome to apply. You just need to pitch your idea in 1 minute and convince the audience to vote for you.
How much money will be awarded?
The money pool prize will be determined by how much donations are raised. 100% of donations go to the money prize. The minimum prize will start at 25,000 Nigerian Naira regardless of funds raised. 
How many times can I enter the competition?
You can enter the competition as many times as you want. Past winners are welcome to re-enter but cannot participate in the pitch with their previous idea or business. 
How is the winner decided?
The winner will be decided by audience/attendees votes who attend the pitch event. A link to the voting poll will be shared with the audience on Amira Idris's Twitter account (@aidrisrad). No one except Amira Idris, will have access to the link prior to voting.
How long is the pitch competition?
The pitch competition will be held for 1 hour. Each participant is given 1 minute to pitch and 1 minute for Q&A by the moderators. 
How are participants picked to pitch?
The order of presenters will be determined by the order in which the entry form is filled. It will be ordered by first come first serve or in this case, first entry first presenter. The order of presentation will be listed on Amira Idris Twitter account (@aidrisrad).
Each pitch event will have a maximum of 25 presenters to keep the event at 1 hour. In the event that there are over 25 entries, the next 25 entries will pitch at the next pitch event without re-applying. 
Who are the moderators/investors?
Moderators are potential investors, advisors, or mentors who are interested in investing in businesses in Nigeria or Africa. Meet the moderators below
If you are interested in being a moderator, send Amira Idris a message on Twitter (@aidrisrad).
Who can attend the event?
Anyone who is on the clubhouse app can attend. Make sure to follow Amira Idris on Clubhouse (@aidris) to be notified once the pitch room opens for the event.
Where can I go if I have more questions?
Message Amira Idris on Twitter (@aidrisrad) with your questions and comments.



CH: @aidris

Amira Idris

I am born in Nigeria and moved to the U.S. when I was nine years old. I am the CEO of TheraV a wearable device company for amputees, and I am the owner of Galkynd, an African print ribbon printing company. I am a Social entrepreneur interested in investing, mentoring, and advising small  Nigeria businesses that are positively impacting their communities. 

CH : @godsfavourr

Elohor Amata

Uk based multi-skilled entrepreneur with varied business and social interests. I am interested in investing in individuals and businesses that have a social impact. I am also looking out for unique ideas.

CH : @evelyn02

Evelyn Nomayo

Evelyn Nomayo is an Irish based Technology Entrepreneurs and Software Engineer. She is the founder of Phase Innovate, a not-for-profit organization that provides technology entrepreneurship education for the underrepresented communities in tech through hands-on training and a structured mentoring system. Evelyn is very passionate about empowering women and kin to invest in projects that use technology to solve a problem, especially in the medical space. Bring it on!

CH : @victoriagenesis

Edidiong Udofiah 

owner of Natural Hairvolution Corner, Crémeusebelle Skincare, founder of Rebuild our School Africa and future owner of mosaic international crèche, nursery primary school.

CH: @timhvnly

Tim Vince

Born and raised in Nigeria currently based in San Diego. I am fortunate to be a part of a small group of equity investors looking to invest and provide the necessary capital for startup businesses in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole. My main focus of investment has always been in the Tech industry. But I am currently working on a fashion industry project and I am open to working with some brilliant minds on that.

CH : @econconsultant

Nsikak Asuquo

I’m Nsikak Asuquo, a growth and partnership Manager in Telecoms. Partnered with major telecommunications giants to deploy connectivity projects in Africa. I am an investor in Tech SMe., but I’m interested in the Agric industry. The goal is to bring & grow Tech in the Agric industry.

CH : @kayakinwunmi

Kay Akinwunmi

Kay Akinwunmi is the CEO and co-founder of Zazuu, a money transfer marketplace that helps you compare and send money with multiple providers without leaving the app. Kay is interested in tech solutions for positive mental health and wellbeing in Africa

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