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 This strength therapy apparatus is a device that assist physical therapist in analyzing, and assisting patients during physical strength therapy for the forearm arm and fingers.


This product comes with a force sensor (soft potentiometer), that responses to the amount of force applied to it. As the user presses on the sensor, the LCD screen displays an array of heats and stick figures that respond (raising hands-up and hands-down) to the amount of force applied. The harder the user presses on the sensor, the more stick figures load with raised hands.  At the maximum force, every stick figure will have their hands raised, and a smiley face will be show at the end to show “a job well done”.

With this product, both patients and therapist can visually keep track of the patient’s progress in real-time. This also acts a form of encouragement for patients to try hard to reach the smiley face.

© 2016 by Amira Idris

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